The Stibitz-LeBel Memorial Fund

The Stibitz-LeBel Memorial Fund – Dedicated to the Memory of Peggy Lynn and Mary Jo Stibitz

Jeff Stibitz and Steve LeBel are life-long best friends who decided to do something to honor the memories of Peggy Lynn (1955-2020) and Mary Jo Stibitz (1947-1994), two extraordinary women who touched their lives.

Since both Peggy Lynn and Mary Jo Stibitz cared deeply about animals, creating a Memorial Fund just made sense.


Peggy Lynn, after returning to North Muskegon, was both a decorator and furniture salesperson at Art Van. Among other things, Peg was an intrepid traveler, always ready to experience another country no matter what problems had been encountered on previous trips. Peg had a big heart and a kind nature. She cared for her mother until her death. She was always ready to help her many friends or anyone needing it. She named chipmunks and the bat that invaded her apartment and bought fruit for the possum who became a frequent visitor after finding that Peg bought him fruit. She too fought chronic health conditions and left us far too soon.


Mary Jo Stibitz taught disadvantaged children at several Muskegon elementary schools. She was also active in several local theater groups. After having taught for 20 years, she returned to college to work on her PhD in counseling. For most of her life, she battled several serious health conditions which finally took her life at the age of 47. No matter how active she was or her health problems, she always had time to show kindness to animals and small children.