Donor Designated Funds

We are pleased to have the following Donor Designated Funds within the Foundation.

The Stibitz-LeBel Memorial Fund – Dedicated to the Memory of Peggy Lynn and Mary Jo Stibitz

Established in 2021, this fund is dedicated to the animal rescue and animal shelter community to help meet unmet needs. Primary focus: Muskegon area. For more information on this fund, click here.

The Larry LeBel Fund

Established in 2021, this fund will be used to support unmet needs of veterans and law enforcement personnel and their families. Primary focus: Michigan.

The Steve and Marge LeBel Fund

Established in 2020, this fund is general and has been used to fund such things as animal organizations, the Salvation Army, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and other charities. Primary focus: Muskegon area.

General Fund

The Foundation has a general fund used for a wider range of charitable donations. The primary focus at this time is the Muskegon area.

Our Board is actively involved in identifying local unmet needs consistent with our funding goals. We prefer initiatives where our funding will make a difference (as opposed to being a small contribution to a larger need).

If you are aware of unmet needs consistent with our funding initiatives, we invite you to contact us.