Donor Designated Funds

We are pleased to have the following Special Funds (Donor Designated Funds) as part of the Foundation.

The Larry LeBel Fund

Established in 2021, this fund is used to support unmet needs of veterans and law enforcement personnel and their families. Primary focus: Michigan.

The Steve and Marge LeBel Fund

Established in 2020, this fund is general and has been used to fund such things as animal organizations, the Salvation Army, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and other charities. Primary focus: Muskegon area.

The Jeff Stibitz Fund

Established in 2024, this fund has thus far been primarily focused on the needs of local libraries.

General Fund

The Foundation’s General Fund is used for a wide range of charitable donations including animal rescue and shelter as well as other charities. The primary focus at this time is the Muskegon area.

Contact Us!

If you’re aware of organizations that can benefit from our funds, we invite you (or them) to contact us.